S H O P        J O I N 
 Ecopia is creating next-generation residential communities designed for social connection, children, and the planet. 
Join our global network of community-minded families, property investors, and sustainability experts seeking to live in, build, or operate an Ecopia Community.
Parental stress. Burnout.

It’s not you. The architecture is broken.

Suburban homes were made for a different time when housing was cheap, marriages were conventional, and women had an average of four children – all of whom could play together in a backyard.

The world has changed. 
Families of the future need something different.
We’re building a new kind of village.
ECOPIA is building a global network of multifamily developments designed to support families with children.

Each apartment opens to a hyper-safe, escape-proof, central play garden where children can live safely in a trusted community.

s the village you’ve always needed.
Relax into the wonder that raising children should be
Toddlers crawling at the walls? Lonely children begging for a play date? Fighting for less screen time?

Tired of being stuck at a playground for six hours without water, toilets, or phone-chargers nearby?

Just open your door and there it is: a protected play area that is 100% escape-proof, obsessively safe, and pre-populated with other children you know.

An instant playtopia that children (and parents) love.

 A community of people you can rely on 
   Imagine a community of great humans around who you can easily meet for dinners, email for help, or join in special group workshops.

Your community shouldn’t just feel like home. It should feel like family.     
Flourish in a wonderscape of gorgeous eco-friendly design.  
 Why shouldn’t your home be the happiest place on Earth?

Forget drab beige apartments.

Imagine your community filled with color, beautiful lighting, and a central “wonderscape” garden to rival the best of science museums. 
Designed by the world’s most imaginative ecological engineers
Design for people. Integrated with the planet.

We’re not just environmental builders and engineers. Our team of neuroscientists, psychologists, artists, museum designers, and botanists are making the vision for the happiest home on Earth come true. 

This is the way you are meant to live.
Unrealistic? Too expensive?

No way.

 ECOPIA communities don’t require expensive or high-tech features. It’s our attention to your core human needs that make our developments exceptional.

We’re thinking differently about raising families. And it doesn’t need to cost more.

Imagination, creativity, and wonder are free.
  Meet our Founder,
Katie Patrick
Hello! 👋 Like you, I’m a parent who wants a better world. I think community-enabled buildings can get us there.

I’m also an environmental engineer specializing in green building and environmental psychology.

As a single parent raising a sole child, I struggled greatly with the lack of child-friendly housing. I wasn’t the only one.

Now, I’m putting my skills together to build the kind of living environments that little (and big) humans really need.

Join me in creating a global network of multifamily communities that reinvent the future of childhood and sustainable living.
 - Katie Patrick
Founder & CEO of ECOPIA 

Hatch open your child’s passion for the planet
 Join our Earth Doctors program for kids aged 6  - 10 for twelve weeks of sustainability gamified activities focused on action and engineering.   
Get inspired
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Build with us
Join our global network of community-minded families, property investors, and sustainability experts seeking to live in, build, or operate an ECOPIA multifamily community.

ECOPIA Properties is founded by environmental engineer and designer, Katie Patrick of Hello World Labs, based in Mountain View California.

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